March 20, 2009

Happenings in V's Crib

I have always wanted to take crib pictures of my children, but for some reason, have never taken them. Perhaps it is because post-nap babies of mine get snatched right up out of their crib when they call for me. Perhaps I've just not thought of it at the time. Today, however, V awakened and played in her crib for quite a while. I went to her door to listen to her singing and chatting to herself. I knocked. I heard, "C'm in!" in the most adorable and welcoming little voice. When I opened her blinds, she was sitting peacefully in her crib with the light gently kissing her face. I did it. I went down and got the camera for once, and took pictures of my snuggly little babe.


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I see in photographs. With 4 precious tikes under foot, I'm constantly taking mental snapshots of their cuteness. Many times, however, I am able to grab my camera and capture those sweet moments forever.

It is a privilege for me to capture those moments for others.


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